Water softener systems

If you’re looking to purchase a water softener system, consider one from our comprehensive range of quality water softener systems.

Quality water softener systems for your home

Water softener systems

Hard water is a significant problem in Limerick that’s harmful to you and your family’s health and harsh on your appliances.

It contains a high amount of dissolved salts of magnesium and calcium, which reduce the efficiency and performance of your home appliances by forming a thick white layer on them.

At Pro Renovations, we’re a fully insured company that’s dedicated to supplying, installing and servicing homeowners in Limerick with the best water softener systems. Our commitment is to fit you with a system that suits your individual needs and budget. All you have to do is contact our trusted tradesmen. We’ll help you select a water softener system that fits your exact water softening needs.

Benefits of our water softening systems

Our water softening systems in Limerick are beneficial to homeowners
in many ways, including:

Long-lasting appliances: Increases the life span of electrical appliances like showers, washing machines, kettles, boilers and more.

Quick and better cleaning: Eliminates scale build-up, ensuring you spend less time scrubbing and cleaning your bathroom, tiles, and kitchen sink.

Saves money: Uses less washing powder, detergent and soap, saving you up to £600 per year.

Healthier and softer skin: Keeps your skin healthy and smooth, minimizing existing conditions such as eczema and dry skin.

Shiny, silky and strong hair: Ensures your shampoo lathers easily, making hair wash day a breeze, leaving you with the shiniest and silkiest strands.

Lower water heating costs: Improves appliance efficiency, reducing overall energy consumption, which in turn lowers your utility bills.

No limescale on plumbing fixtures: Eliminates scale-build up, reducing scale-related plumbing problems.

Softer and cleaner clothes: Eliminates the adverse effects of hard water on clothes, making them soft and clean.

Cost-effective water softening solutions in Limerick

For over 20 years, we’ve been providing a water softener system Limerick homeowners can trust, offering a reliable and affordable service. Our water softening systems guarantee 100% limescale removal and protect you and your family from hard water. This means you no longer have to worrycabout drinking hard water with an unpleasant chalky taste and limescale build-up in your appliances.

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